#1- Basics - Annmarie will start with the basics, as students learn and create a simple but eye catching combination of coil/slab with an 8" trivet/wall hanger.

#2- Basics - Take what you learned from our first class, as you create a more detailed coiled bowl.

#3- Basics - This class , students will take the simple technique of creating a clay pinch, transforming it into a perfect planter.

Session #2 MAY 3RD (THURSDAY)
Session #3 MAY 17TH (THURSDAY)

TIME: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

COST: $30.00/ PER CLASS SESSION, Save 10% when attending all three (3)sessions.  1-$30.00  #2-$30.00  #3-#21.00

All Creative Materials, Class Instruction, Clay, Glazes, Kiln Firing included.

HANDBUILDING in Clay with Annemarie!

Join Annmarie as she works her magic in clay, teaching and sharing her talents, as you learn clay basics of pinch, coil, slab, sculpting and MORE!  This is a super creative class for adults (minimum age 15 years).

Join us for 1 class session or gain from all three in this first series. 

Annemarie Stokes:

"I began my journey as an artist in my late teens while living in Africa.  As the daughter of a US diplomat I had the extraordinary opportunity at that time to live and travel extensively abroad.  It was then that I became increasingly interested in the beautiful and unique works of art produced by local artisans in the different regions where I traveled.  I began formal training in the small country of Lesotho (pronounce Le-sue-too) in Southern Africa where I was exposed to the art of Mohair tapestry and weaving, as well as pottery.  Lesotho is a small, mountainous and landlocked kingdom that is completely surrounded by the country of South Africa.  However, even though I enjoyed the weaving immensely, it was ceramics that drew me in and my love of all things clay was born.  In Lesotho traditional pottery was less often an art form and more a product for local needs, with craftsmen producing hand-coiled and pit-fired cook-wear and dish-wear using ages old traditions, as well as clay beads worn by women to accent their traditional dress.  These ancient traditions produce beautiful and intricately hand carved pieces and lavishly painted pots.  I was lucky enough to work under the guidance of some very gifted and talented locals who had mastered the art of ceramics using age old techniques.  I have since studied under several artists and master craftsman here in the United States, most recently in the Central Valley in California.  But in some of my pieces you will still see the influence my early exposure to African art has had on my work" -Annemarie.